Geraint Morgan Photography

Hi - my name is Geraint. I am a Professional Wedding Photographer based just outside Wadebridge in North Cornwall in the South West of the United Kingdom.

I am from Wales originally, as my name would suggest and grew up in Brussels until my family moved back to the U.K when I was about 16.

I love to travel I have trekked to the bottom of the worlds highest mountain and lived and worked in New York for a year. My Wife and I have travelled through Australia, and the Pacific and spent a couple of years living and working in New Zealand before we moved to Cornwall. We now have 3 beautiful daughters, so our far flung adventures are on hold for a while, but we love living in Cornwall and traveling nearer to home in our trusty camper van.

Besides photography I have a passion for Mid Century furniture, especially Ray and Charles Eames. I love aesthetically beautiful things and that desire carries through to create beautiful images that are modern yet timeless.
I have always loved to take photographs, in fact I have done so for as long as I can remember, let's just say over 40 years now !

I am a Wedding Photographer, Portrait photographer, and Landscape photographer. Sometimes when I am shooting a Wedding I can be all of the above in the space of just 5 minutes !

I have an incessant love of telling a good story through images and I like to focus on the storytelling aspects of photography, so I try to be as discreet as possible when I am shooting a Wedding. By being low key and unobtrusive, it really helps you and your guests feel completely at ease, and thus enables me to capture so many magical moments on your Wedding Day.

I include all your photos, full-size and watermark free, as standard. You are free to make prints, albums or canvases from all of the photographs you receive.

You can also do this through me of course if you prefer. I don’t have any interest in forcing this on to you at all. To me, the essence of wedding photography is in the capturing of the moment through my lens – not the selling of product afterwards. I am however pretty adept at making decent books through Blurb, so can add this on to your package at an extra cost if you wish - it's your choice !

So - that's me, and a little about what I do...