Wedding Photography Pricing.

The Wedding Package. I offer ONE Wedding Package and ONE Price. Yes - you read that correctly !

You have probably had to re -read that last bit, but I like to keep things simple, so read on...

I offer an affordable all-inclusive Wedding Package tailored to your needs which includes :

My Professional services as your Wedding Photographer. This allows me to be available throughout your wedding day from morning preparations to the reception – I will stay as long as you want me to !

I try to keep things straightforward and simple, so I charge one fee for the day’s photography, and that’s it, there are no hidden costs. You keep 100% of the photos, they are yours to do with as you wish. Every single photo is individually edited and enhanced, although any effects are subtle, it is very important to me that the images stand the test of time and look as fresh on your Golden Wedding Anniversary as they did when they were first viewed. I do not get involved in Photoshopping images - so I will not be putting Auntie Flo in the picture if she wasn't there... Sorry !

This is how I can be competitive and keep my costs down...

When photographing a Wedding it allows me to tell the story of a pivitol day in your life. It doesn't matter how big or small your Wedding is I am there to tell the story of what is happening on the day through genuine moments that are not forced. I try to keep staged photographs to an absolute minimum, as they can take up a lot of valuable time trying to get and find all the guest to stand in the right places. In the end I think there are better Photographs to be taken candidly. Trust me on this one !
Your day will be filled with so many magical moments already. Staging photographs can break up the natural rhythm of people taking and laughing and hugging and kissing, and these magical moments make for MUCH better photographs.In the meantime I can work quietly and unobtrusively making sure that your memories are preserved forever.

At the end of the day it is always my genuine privilege to be part of such a special occasion. To be given the opportunity to take natural and relaxed photographs that will provide you with many happy memories of your special day for years to come is something I feel very proud to be able to do.

Prices are £995.00 within Cornwall and Devon.

Now obviously there will be a small print that you will need to read, so if you are getting married in Amalfi or Antigua we will need to take travel and accommodation into consideration... And if you are outside of Devon or Cornwall, well maybe some petrol money for my camper van, but I can stay in that - so accommodation is included !

So - for all Weddings in the rest of the World please get in touch here

If you would like to include or add any additions to this service like a Pre Wedding / Engagement Shoot, or Photographic Books and Prints etc please let me know.

That's All Folks !