Which Wedding Photographer SHould i choose ?

This is probably the question most frequently asked by couples when trying to decide on a Wedding Photographer.

The simple answer is - at the end of the day it's up to you !

All of us Wedding Photographers have different styles and personalities, so my personal advice would be to have a look at a handful of us online. Do you want a photographer that will capture a straight forward record of the day ? Do you want one to document the little details you have thought about and planned out for months leading up to your big day ? Once you have done that narrow it down to those whose Photographic style you like, then maybe narrow it down again on location if that's important and try and arrange to meet up with or call the ones you have on your shortlist.

who is a good wedding photographer in cornwall ?

Well I am bound to say me aren't I - Geraint Morgan Photography !

A good Wedding Photographer will be able to take emotional and beautiful photographs that will provide you with a lifetime of memories. There are lots of good Wedding Photographers in Cornwall, and you have to choose one that will capture the way YOU want to remember your Wedding.

The most important thing is that you "click" with your chosen Photographer. I always insist on meeting up with couples even it is just on Facetime at first and twice if possible. If possible I like to visit the venue with you so we can see where your big day will take place. That way you can show me round and point out all of the things that make it special to you.

What do Wedding Photography Packages Include ?

I provide a Memory Stick with all of your Photographs in High Resolution Quality as standard.

I am also happy to discuss designing the layout and printing off a book with a company called Blurb, who I have used many times in the past at an extra cost. I have decided to do it this way as it is impossible to price for this up front as books come in all shapes and sizes.